Design concept

With the popularity of quality, personality, minority and other consumption concepts, Woodsun’s original design concept gradually has a bigger stage. In 2015, when the original design began to develop at a high speed, a batch of Woodsun’s original design products have been sold all over the world. “Good-looking, individual, practical” is the design gene of Woodsun products, but only with good-looking products will not impress consumers. After we had a deep insight into the market’s flaws, we began to develop more new products with new design concepts. There are many series to sell well in many countries in Europe and the United States.

Design for the future, not just the present In the beginning

Woodsun regarded itself as a source factory providing wood products production. In the face of fierce competition in the market, we continue to define ourselves as a “design factory”. Use more professional design to solve consumer problems. In the future, Woodsun will continue to open the new products that customers love, and bring “beautiful, personality, practical” to every consumer!

Authoritative Certification

Economical and durable, meeting humanized design standards is our pursuit of quality, and has won the certification of SGSinternational authoritative testing agencyMeet foreign use requirements test.

Professional after-sales service

We will provide high-quality after-sales service for the products purchased in our store. Adhering to the after-sales spirit of “customers are God”.