Selection - Product Customization
Product Design and Development

Woodsun has long-term cooperation with many world-renowned kitchen companies and has strong product design and development capabilities. Our commitment to sustainable development and our many years of technology and production experience allow us to have more than 50 series, thousands of kitchen products to choose from for customization, and about dozens of new product designs are added every year. custom list. We have the leading industry quality system certification and process, you can choose your favorite products on the Woodsun website for online consultation and customization.

Tailored - Billing | R&D | Production | Supply Chain

We support the customization of product design submissions, we will understand your business needs in detail, and provide product customization solutions that are suitable for you. Our custom clients must abide by high expectations that do not violate national and social ethical standards, and on this basis achieve the ultimate win-win goal of cooperation. After years of export production, Woodsun has built a solid product supply chain. The factory has passed the world’s major quality inspection standards and meets various high standard requirements of customers.

Support - Communication | Relationships

We measure our success by the solutions we provide and the relationships we build. We value open communication and carefully manage all aspects of your project, from consulting, to design, to prototyping, to delivery, and we have someone at your service.