Our Philosophy

A commitment to sustainability should not just be buzzwords and vague slogans.

We strongly believe that a greener, more environmentally-friendly business practice is not only important for the planet, but also for a business’ future survival.

We do not just talk about sustainability, we are 100% committed to renewable, ethical, and eco-friendly practices for our company, at all levels of operation.

A Better Way

Our approach toward sustainability is expressed in constant innovation across our business.  It begins with the social responsibility we have towards our staff and those of our global supply partners, and to the communities we work with.  And it extends to ensuring our product offering reflects the very latest innovations in sustainable materials and production practices.

Being Accountable

As part of this journey, we are proud to be certified under the Forestry Stewardship Council is Chain of Custody program. This traces the origin of our supply of wood and paper products to sustainable, well-managed and recyclable sources, contributing to FSC is vision of protecting the world is forests, forest wildlife and habitats, as well as protecting water quality and upholding the rights of local people or Indigenous peoples .

Be Part Of Better Future

Woodsun has long been committed to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Many of our customers have experienced these products and our commitment to this increasingly important topic over the years.

Part of our sustainability commitment involves alignment with internationally recognized standards and programs that encourage sustainable development paths.

While it is a challenge to align with every ecological /sustainable plan available (there are many), our goal is to investigate what makes us and our clients and their own clients the most beneficial in the form of stories presented in them The plan remains consistent with the feasibility.

We believe that achieving this certification demonstrates our ongoing commitment to contributing best practice to the cause of world sustainability, while continuing our path to building a broad range of eco-based merchandise and packaging products.